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So some guy apparently leaked the entire roster of the 3DS smash bros. And while I thought it was fake, video footage leaked today show 3 of these characters in motion so it wouldn't hurt to assume it true. And I wanna talk about them.

Let's assume this is the final roster and so my thoughts are based on this being the final roster. This can change. I REPEAT THIS IS GOING TO BASED ON THE ASSUMPTION THAT WHEN THIS GAME IS RELEASED, THIS IS THE FINAL ROSTER AND THIS IS HOW I WOULD REACT.

Bowser Jr- I never particularly wanted this guy in the game (personally wanted Waluigi) but I know a lot of people wanted him in. I think some people might not appreciate the fact that he's in a clown car, and I personally thought he could be a mix of his brush, and baby bowser's move sets. But judging from the footage, he looks interesting enough to try out. I'm kinda glad I was wrong.

Wario/Game and Watch- Supposedly Wario was leaked by the Nintendo e shop. But I see no reason for either to be cut, they offered unique move sets and I love their weird one frame attacks.

Ganondorf- He's still a falcon clone, I personally would rather see him with a moveset from Hyrule Warriors (dual swords and a Stand) . I could think of a way for him to use a new moveset while still keeping his fundamental play style.

Fuck you Falco, I don't care if you're top tier or that you're popular. You did nothing to differentiate yourself from Fox and somehow people think Wolf is a clone. I'll admit Wolf is my main in Brawl and all this is more of a rant of his absence than anything. But still so many people complain that he's a clone when he's not, yet no one seems to mind Falco being an actual clone. I urge people, play a match with Fox, and then immediately play the same match as Falco and tell me how your strategy changed. In the end I'm pissed that a clone like Falco gets to fight again while a genuine character like Wolf gets axed.

Duck hunt dog- On a much happier note I look forward to getting my revenge on you, as I'm sure the rest of the internet is as well.

Jigglypuff/Ness- I don't know why people were afraid of Falcon getting cut, he was one of the original roster and "Falcon Punch" is kind of a tag line to smash in the way that "Get over here" is to MK. Regardless N64 chars are not getting axed.

ROB- I'm indifferent to ROB, I don't play him but I do like his moveset.

Dr Mario- Why are you here. I mean out of all the melee characters who got axed for brawl, why are you coming back as a character and not an alt costume. Why not Mewtwo, at least was unique and he deserves the respect as Pokemon's first secret boss.

Shulk- I didn't play Xenoblade so I have no real thoughts on how he's going to play or what his moves will be like and the footage shown didn't really show a lot. But I will say this, I believe that his inclusion in Smash bros is Nintendo's way of truly acknowledging the success of Operation Rainfall. And you guys should definitely feel proud for it.

Dark Pit- This can go either two ways. The best case scenario is that he utilizes different weapons than Pit's bow/dual blades such as staves or claws. In the worst case scenario, Dark Pit would be palette swap made into a character. If that is the case than I gotta say, Sakurai I am disapointed. Your bias for your own characters ruined the chances for genuine characters like Ghirahim, King K.Rool, Krystal, Ridley or even Dark Samus.

So there's my thoughts. But you know what even this is the final roster, I'd honestly be ok. A lot of the revealed newcomers look really fun to play like Wii fit trainer, Lil Mac, Rosalina, and the two new guest characters all look like an absolute blast to play. Not to mention Robin, my number 1 request made it in. So either way I look forward to picking this game up and trying them first hand.

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